Here Come The Girls
five year old

Turning Five

Hi Five! It’s a momentous occasion, turning five. You’re old enough to start to feel grown up, yet young enough

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glitter words

Glitter writing

I’m always on the lookout for fun ideas for practicing writing especially practicing handwriting or high frequency words. We have

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cupcake play dough

Fairy Homemade Play dough

Is homemade play dough better? Here is our first experiment with the soft stuff. Some lovely sparkly fairy play dough, perfect for making fairies and fairy cakes. But will we go back to the bought stuff?

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Oh if only I could get the answers to some of these questions. Here are some of the things which are bothering me at the moment. Warning – it’s quite a long list.

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newborn twins

Goodnight and goodbye

The twins turn two tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it – no more baby days. Hurray! So of course I’m not feeling sad. Of course not.

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