Easy Delicious Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches may seem like a simple food item with two slices of bread and layers of food items in between them. You can go for meat, cheese, vegetables, butter, chicken, jam, and many more. And if you spread butter over the slices of the bread, your sandwich can get even tastier. In almost all parts … Read more

Easter Egg Truffles Recipe

Easter Egg Truffles

Ingredients 500g Cake mix 2 Eggs 50ml vegetable oil 100g colours sweets (eg. Smarties) to decorate 250g white icing mix for the shell Method Heat the Oven Preheat oven to 170°C. Grease a cake tin or line it with baking paper. Prepare the cake mix Mix the cake ingredients, eggs, oil and water (100ml) Pour into baking … Read more