Here Come The Girls

About Faye and this Blog

Hi, I’m Faye. I have recently had the pleasure of taking over the Here Come The Girls Blog. I have 2 wonderful little girls ages 2 and 4 and a husband.

It started out as a blog about Rebecca English and her life with three girls. Over time it evolved into a fantastic collection of stories and ideas for creative parents and kids to have fun making, baking and turn taking.

I feel privileged to be taking on the blog and shaping it’s next chapter.

If you would like to get in touch please email or get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram pages.

About the original founder Of the blog, Rebecca

Original – About The Blog Page

The plan was to have two children but we didn’t notice the BOGOF offer on babies that week. So I’m surrounded by a growing sea of pink plastic and completely outnumbered. This blog is an attempt to get back something for myself.

It is full of crafts, cooking and chaos. I love to think of fun things to do with the children and to write about them, whether they work or not.

I am a teacher living in the West Midlands. I work full-time and think up fun activities for the girls the rest of it.

I like to review products, events or attractions which fit in with the family theme of the blog. I am happy to travel for events if it is something which is fun or will benefit the family.

So pull up a chair, make yourself at home, you’ll always get a warm (and slightly sticky) welcome here. Just remember to check before you sit down, raisins and small children seem to get everywhere.

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