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A day without ice cream is a day lost

Askey's ice cream

I’m grabbing the sunshine while I can and using this opportunity to post a review of the Askey’s crazy faces ice cream cones. These are a fun way to make your ice cream even more exciting, if that’s possible!

In the box you get two packets of ice cream cones and a selection of crazy face edible stickers so you can turn your ice cream into funny animals and aliens. This would be great fun at a party. The girls enjoyed making their own faces and the ice creams went down a treat.

Molly and Charlotte both really loved the faces and thought they were hilarious. Rose wasn’t so sure and didn’t really like the taste of the paper, although it didn’t deter her for long as she soon finished the ice cream. I would buy these again, especially if I were inviting a few children round. It makes a fun and tasty treat – perfect for a summer’s day. Now if anyone wants to send me one of those I’d be happy to review it!

Check out the ice cream recipes at Baking Mad for more summer fun!

Here is our alien crazy face ice cream:

ice cream

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