LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Review

Legoland Japan Entrance evening

Our kids love Lego and theme parks so what better than to combine both activities into one? Here’s our review of Legoland Japan resort. We live in Kyoto which isn’t that far away from Nagoya. We took a hire car east and arrived about 2 hours later with four very excited people on board. Contents Rides … Read more

Family Holiday Planning 101

Family Holiday Planning 101

Some days it can be hard enough just getting the kids dressed and out the door, let alone thinking about taking the little darlings half way across the world with an entourage of suitcases. But with so many families living stress-filled lives, a family holiday could be just what the doctor ordered. This much-needed break … Read more

Post-Pandemic Family Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way Americans live, learn, and work. It is leading all towards a virtual world, both personally and professionally. Now, when the restrictions are easing, and vaccines are available, families are waiting to complete their long-overdue trips. Are you ready to hit your favorite destination with your family? Knowing what … Read more

How to be Prepared for the Camino Portugues

Are you an aspiring pilgrim looking for an uncrowded, calm, rural setting, and picturesque nature? Then the Camino Portugues may be the best route for you.  Its starting point is the mesmerizing capital of Portugal – Lisbon. The whole Camino is over 600kms long and takes about a month to finish. Yet, you can start … Read more

Family Travel: A Guide to Germany’s Castles 

Germany is a beautiful place to visit, drawing visitors every year. When it comes to choosing a destination for family travel, it is particularly helpful to choose somewhere that both the kids and the adults will enjoy. The incredible castles in Germany seem straight out of a fairytale, something children will for sure love (as … Read more