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Tips for Teaching Your Children About Nature

Tips for Teaching Your Children About Nature

Spending time outdoors was probably a staple in your childhood, and you most likely played outside until the sun went down night after night. As a result, you learned many different things about the world and nature. Unfortunately, getting kids out of the house isn’t as easy these days because technology often engulfs their minds. If you want to get your kids excited about the environment around them, explore a few tips for teaching your children about nature.

Buy Them Toys Featuring Plants and Animals

Fortunately, toy manufacturers and book publishers often include plants and animals in children’s entertainment to help them gain knowledge. Whether it’s a book with animal facts or an ecosystem puzzle, you can help your child learn more about the world by simply incorporating nature into their daily entertainment. More often than not, kids are already curious about animals and insects; use this interest to teach them something new! Consider organizing an animal presentation at home with toys and books that showcase different species and their habitats to further enhance their learning experience.

Plant a Garden Together

There’s no better way to learn about nature than immersing yourself in it; consider planting a small herb, vegetable, or fruit garden in your backyard with your kids. Even if you don’t know much about gardening, your entire family can learn as you go. Be sure to give your child a specific job to make them feel included in caring for the plants—they’ll feel much more pride for the plants they grow.

Furthermore, growing your family’s favorite produce is an excellent way to ensure it doesn’t go to waste. For instance, you can grow cilantro or mint if you cook with it frequently. On the other hand, planting an apple tree may produce more than your family needs to eat. After eating all the apples you can, consider making apple boats; they’re a fun project and may even teach your children about water and how boats float.

Pro Tip

If you struggle to get your child to eat vegetables, encouraging them to help with a garden is an excellent solution. Your kids are much more likely to eat vegetables grown in their own garden.

Take Them to a County or State Park

Chances are you live near a county or state park, and taking a short day trip is a perfect way to get your children out of the house and into nature. Many parks have informational signs about different plants and animals to read throughout the trails, and you can make a point to read each one with your family.

Whether they play on the playground, spend time fishing, or watch birds and other animals, your child will enjoy time spent at the park. If you plan to stay there for several hours, consider bringing a picnic meal for everyone to share.

Teach Them Fun Facts

Another great way to educate children about the environment is by teaching them fun facts daily. Compile various facts about the native plants and animals you see regularly, and write them down on paper strips. Put them in a fun jar and have your child choose one each day; spend a few minutes discussing each fact and save time for questions. Whether you teach them about bees’ importance in agriculture or why trees shed their leaves each year, keep it fun and interesting to hold their attention.

With these helpful tips for teaching your children about nature, you can instill a love for the natural world in them. Earth is a big, beautiful place, and everyone should understand how it works.

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