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Celebration Boxes: Our Favorite Virtual Wedding Trend 

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With the present situation on the planet, many events, especially weddings, were postponed or canceled. However, couples would let nothing stand in the way of their love declaration, so virtual weddings are trending. If you are one of such couples, consider getting wedding gift boxes for guests and mailing them before the big day. Gifting wedding boxes to your guests will excite and make them feel included in your wedding celebration. You can opt for themed boxes, something playful, formal, or personalized, depending on your wedding style. If you do not know what to curate, check out our list of party-in-a-box options.

Miss to Mrs. Box

Miss to Mrs. is a wedding subscription box collection that is suitable for brides and also guests. What guest wouldn’t love free bridal box subscriptions containing beauty and spa essentials, merch, jewelry, and more? Everybody loves a little pampering. The best part is that Miss to Mrs. Bridal box offers nine themed boxes and four plans that match your wedding date and stages. These plans include accelerated, extended, monthly, and quarterly. This brand is also inclusive, as it caters to the LGBTQ community, among others. And the items in the boxes are not gendered sensitive. You could get these carefully curated misstomrs boxes as a collection or make a one-off purchase that suits your mission. Couples who order a wedding subscription box will get quality gift items at a fraction of their prices. You can be confident of swift delivery and plenty of smiles when the guests get their celebration box.

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Themed stash

One of the best bridal gifts from a bride is to her bridesmaids. You can opt for a virtual bridal shower box or wedding box gift that contains themed costumes. For instance, a 90s dance attire for the girls at the bridal shower is everything. You can also incorporate craft kits for perfume making, pottery, cooking, or even meditation to suit your theme. These types of virtual bridal shower boxes are some of the best souvenirs for bridesmaids.

Lemon lemonades

If you look at the state of the world, you’ll agree this name is the perfect name for a wedding box gift. The name follows a popular saying that when life gives you lemons; you make lemonades. Create a lighthearted atmosphere and connect with your loved ones for brunch or an early dinner. Fill your wedding gift boxes for guests with delicious treats like lemon scone mix, wedding tea, lemon curd, and vanilla sugar. Curate this package with some cookies and a sweet note.

Love and cocktails

Love and cocktails are arguably the best wedding favor box ideas that suit the big day celebration. What better way to show excitement than with varieties of signature cocktails? Fill up the celebration box with cocktail mixers and an assortment of fresh fruits. Personalize your package by adding recipes and thank you cards for the guests. You all can enjoy these cocktails during and after the wedding.

Celebratory treats

On the wedding day, guests want everything sweet from start to finish. Indulge their wishes by curating wedding to-go boxes with celebratory treats. Delicious wedding gift box ideas include cake slices, elderflower lemonade, bubbly sweet drinks, truffle, crackers, and more. If you want a playful box, throw in some confetti and spice up your wedding day.

Sophisticated jamboree

A sophisticated or black-tie virtual wedding gift creates the perfect balance between a fancy and formal event. Create a box that contains caviar in a non-perishable tin, mini champagne bottles, and flutes or long stem glasses. If you want to spice it up, throw in your music playlist from the procession to the last dance. This gesture will make your guests feel like they were physically present.

Party anywhere

If you want your guests to display elements of your wedding theme, consider building a celebration in a box. Go all out with the streamers and colorful ribbons, cake truffles, and confetti. You can also include cake truffles to replace the wedding cake for the guests. These box items are thoughtful and perfect for keepsakes after the wedding. Don’t forget to add the ceremony program so that the guests will follow through.

Lavender us into marriage

Lavender lovers can use the wedding guest box as an opportunity to share their love. Curate wedding gift boxes for guests with lavender-inspired cocktails, sprigs, syrups, and flutes. Throw in some color-coordinated truffles, marshmallows, cocktail recipes, and sanitizers to complete the lineup.


This romantic arrangement works as a wedding gift box for couples, guests, and a virtual wedding gift. Fill the boxes with bath bombs, spa salts, scented candles, relaxation pillows, massage oils, and shower gels. You can also throw in a mini bottle of champagne, flaxseeds, and rosebuds for a relaxing time post-wedding.

Wedding gift boxes for guests are a dime a dozen, but knowing the right things to curate makes the difference. If you are searching for wedding favor box ideas, we got you covered. There are celebration boxes for every budget on our list, from below $50 to anything you can afford.

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