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Rainbocorns Series 2 from Zuru

Today is Global Hatching day for the Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 from Zuru. We reviewed a Series 1 Rainbocorn at the end of last year and since then it has been Charlotte’s favourite toy. Rainbocorns are the perfect combination of cuddly toy, blind bag unboxing and sequins. The twins were both excited to see what the new series would be like.

We were sent two toys to review. A large turquoise Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 and a smaller bright pink Sparkle Heart Surprise. Both come in a large plastic egg with a unicorn horn on it. This is great fun and makes the unboxing half the fun of the toy.

Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2

We were surprised with how much extra you get with a Series 2 Rainbocorn. There are ten surprises inside. The twins were thrilled to find a lilac coloured lamacorn. It is so soft and fluffy with a multicoloured unicorn horn and pink tummy. You can add the sparkly sequin badge to the tummy. This one can reveal a guitar on it. I think the series 2 Rainbocorn has an even cuter face this time around. It has large sparkly eyes and cute wings on the back and it even has a lovely sugary scent. There are eleven different Rainbocorns to collect including Unicorns, Llamacorns, Pandacorns, Lioncorns and even a golden Flamingocorn.

Inside the egg is also another little egg. This contains a little collectable toy called a Boo-Boocorn. There are lots of different ones to collect and you might be lucky and find the rare Twin Boo-Boocorns.

Another new addition to Series 2 is the bracelet. This is a pretty rainbow coloured coil with a charm of the lamacorn on it.

The twins loved the new addition of gooey Rainbocorn Poop. They love playing with slime and so this was guaranteed to be a big hit.

The slime is very stretchy and soft, more like kinetic sand or cloud slime. The colours are a pastel rainbow. You will need some kind of pot to keep it in once it’s out of the packet.

The Rainbocorn costs around £25 and would make a fantastic present as there is so much in there to keep you busy.

Sparkle Heart Surprise

This is a much smaller egg. We found a puppycorn called Rufus inside. He is bright blue with a multicoloured unicorn horn and patches on his eye. He has tiny little wings. There are six to find, a Unicorn, Puppycorn, Flamingocorn, Llamacorn, Bunnycorn and Kittycorn.

Sparkle Heart Surprise

It also comes with a colour changing boo-boocorn in its own little egg. There is gooey rainbocorn poop. The puppycorn costs around £10 and is suitable for children aged 3+.

This is such a fun toy which will be a big hit. I don’t like talking about the C-Word in June but I’m sure it will be in a lot of stockings this year.

Rainbocorns are available at Argos and Smyths nationwide

Watch our unboxing video here:

Disclaimer: We were sent the toys for the purposes of this review. 

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