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Zoingo Boingo Review

We were really excited to be sent the new Zoingo Boingo from Flair PLC, the brilliant Flexible Freestyle Pogo to review. As the weather starts to get warmer I can’t wait to get the girls outdoors more often. I find they behave so much better, eat better and sleep better when they have had time outdoors. It is so important to spend time together in the sunshine. We love to try out new outdoor play activity. My eldest particular loves trying new sports.
zoing 2

The Zoingo Boingo is really easy to inflate if you have a bicycle pump and once inflated you are ready to go. It is not quite so easy to master. There is a groove on one side where you rest your foot and then you have to balance on it and bounce. There is a handle to help you do tricks. The Zoingo Boingo is made from really touch yellow and purple plastic which will be hard to break and it doesn’t seem to deflate easily. I think it will last a long time.

zoing 5

Once balanced you can bounce and spin. It is suitable for playing on pavements or grass. The Zoingo Boingo is perfect for children aged 7 and over and is great for girls and boys.

zoing 6

We had great fun trying the Zoingo Boingo (yes of course, I had a sneaky go too). It will take a few more tries to get onto tricks like the one pictured below. This toy costs £24.99, a great price for Summer fun.

NGB00000 Zoingo Boingo Lifestyle 1

Disclaimer: We were sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 

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