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Yvolution Y Flicker Lift L3 Scooter Review

Yvolution Y Flicker Lift L3 Scooter Review
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Ever since we saw one of the new Y-shaped scooters in the park, the girls have been asking for one. They look really cool and seem to go much faster than a normal scooter. They were really excited to be sent a Yvolution Y Flicker Lift L3 scooter to review. This is a great looking scooter in hardwearing black and red steel frame.

The Yvolution scooter comes in a large box. It is fairly easy to assemble, taking about twenty minutes. Once up, it will fold down easily to put it into the car boot. The frame is quite heavy to lift. There is a strap to hold it together so the legs don’t swing out.


The scooter has three wheels and anti-slip footplates. You can adjust the handlebar height so it will last for longer. The scooter comes with a set of brakes on the handlebars, which means you can stop really quickly.

The best thing about the scooter is that it will do so many tricks. It has a free-spinning trick handlebar and angled steering column which mean you can do 360-degree spins and even sideways wheelies. It takes a little while to learn the technique to move and control the scooter but once you have it is really easy and fun and great exercise. You do need to wear a helmet and shin pads for this scooter, to make sure it is safe.

Free-spinning trick handlebar and angled steering column

The Yvolution Y Flicker Lift L3 Scooter costs £99.99. It would make a fantastic present for Christmas. It is suitable for ages 7 and over and will give this age group more control and more tricks to do.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the scooter for the purposes of this review. 

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