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A Day in London with YouTube Kids

A couple of weeks ago we went to London Zoo for the launch of the new You Tube Kids App. We had a really fun day, a great way of finding out about the new app. You can read our full review of the app here: YouTube Kids App is Here!


Here is a photo diary of our day. The girls enjoyed pretending they were inside the Youtube app.


The day was full of surprises we met lots of the girls’ favourite characters. They loved seeing Postman Pat.

Postman pat

As well as Youtube Channel favourites Talking Tom and Ginger.


They had their faces painted as a giraffe.

youtubekids 8

All around the room were ipads so we could try the new app. The girls like the Youtube themed case – it looked really cute and was very hard wearing.


They got the chance to make a favourite character – Shaun the Sheep.

youtubekids 7

There was also a sing a long bus and the chance to get close to some of the zoo animals.

youtubekids 5

The whole events room at The London Zoo had been transformed into a Youtube den. It looked amazing!

youtubekids 6

We were really spoilt and given lots of treats.


After the event we had the rest of the day to explore the zoo. It was really quiet even though it was a lovely day.

youtubekids 2

The girls enjoyed all the play areas in the zoo which had been designed by children.

youtubekids 3

They liked having a ride on the zoo animals.


There were lots of different animals to see. The girls favourites were the pelicans.


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