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Yard Crafts for You and Your Family 

Spring is like a rainbow after the storm of winter. It brings with it activities that mark its arrival both inside and out. Families can share in these activities and work toward the common goal of refreshing their lifestyle. Spring cleaning inside and out may provide art supplies to use for yard crafts. Upcycle, recycle, repurpose and reuse is a philosophy that can add character, color, and charm to your home, yard, and garden. In this manner, spring can also help your family relationship as you create a more fascinating outdoor environment together. 

You can create garden animals, fountains, birdbaths, birdhouses, and many other decorative ornaments for your yard that say spring has arrived as well as add beauty, color, and charm to your yard. Your decorative enhancements will look interesting from within the walls as well as outside of them. Your patio and back porch will overlook your new yard decor and can even be a part of it. A sliding glass door with modern sliding door hardware would provide a view that will brighten your spirit even when closed. Your neighbors will also appreciate the view. 

You can find many fun and creative ideas to use in your artistic endeavor. In addition to the yard crafts, you can add plant life whether in pots or in plots. offers an example of a living wall made of milk jugs as seed starters. The milk jugs are painted and designed to look like tribal masks. This beautiful artwork could also act as a partition or privacy wall.  

DIY& offers thirty examples of yard art that is sure to inspire you and your family. Clay pot lighthouses, a watering can with crystal beads that resemble water, and stones arranged in the shape of feet are among the many examples there. Mushrooms, beetles, ladybugs, and bees can all be included in your yard décor. 

Old ceramic and plastic dishes, cookware, glass and plastic bottles, and many other household items that may have outlived their usefulness in the traditional sense can become a part of your yard designs. Many of the crafts are simple such as painting old bricks to resemble books. This not only adds a pop of color but adds interest as well. Old light globes can become elegant parts of the yard as gazing globes when painted and glass stones are added. Old plates can become part of a birdbath design or be used to add designs to your stepping stones. 

Whether you make them from scratch or purchase and embellish them, stepping stones can be used to do more than create a path. Some people create walkways and whole patios. offers instructions and tips on creating stepping stones and paths.  

Using quick-drying cement can help your crafts come to fruition much faster. You can create your designs as part of the cement using stones, broken dishes, and other materials, or you can paint on the design once finished. One suggestion is to use old plastic bowls and containers as a mold for your stepping stones. 

Old tires are useful in your lawn and garden décor as planters in a variety of different ways. They can be painted, stacked, or artfully made into snails, birds, and other creatures. has many inspiring ideas on display. The sticks and stones removed from your yard also can be used to create art. One interesting piece of hanging art was created using a picture frame and sticks and branches recovered during yard work. 

Let spring greet people at your door as well by creating a colorful floral reef for your door. Bright, brilliant bold colors of spring can be echoed throughout your home, including your throws and throw pillows. Decorative centerpieces and flower crafts can help reflect spring and brighten your mood. Curtains and wall hangings can help promote the cheer that spring inspires. 

Your option and choices of materials and designs are endless. After viewing some of these examples, you are sure to get your creative juices flowing. You and your family will spend quality time making your home and the world a more beautiful place to live. 

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