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Writing With Pipe Cleaners

early writing

We have loads of sparkly pipe cleaners and beads still left over from Christmas. The girls really loved making bead decorations with them and I thought it would be a great fine motor activity for them and also help them learn their names.


early writing

This was such an easy set up as all they needed were some pretty beads and some pipe cleaners. I bent them into shape for the twins. Molly wanted to do this activity as well but as she is older she made her own name. This would be a great way to practice spelling as well.

writing practice

Threading the beads onto a pipe cleaner is much easier than onto string as there is less chance of them falling off. It is a great start as a threading activity.

spelling practice


Once they are made the letters are good to keep and use as a manipulative. If you had a whole set they could make any words you want. It would be great for practicing CVC words too. I might make a set to put on the fridge with magnets on the back. They would also work well in a craft. You could use them as a name plate for a door.

spelling practice


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