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Writing Matters Stationery Week 2016

I have always loved writing. As a teacher, I think teaching children to write, and to think of themselves as writers is one of the most important parts of the job. I also have a rather large stationery addiction. So I’m obviously a huge supporter of National Stationery Week.

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This year’s National Stationery Week aims to keep Britain writing. Here’s an A-Z of why writing really matters:

A is for Archives.

Handwritten documents and notes have been passed down through centuries to permanently record some of history’s most important events – not just consigned to a virtual trash bin.

B is for Beauty.

A hastily drawn up email will never capture the sheer beauty of a handwritten letter

C is for Caring.

Handwritten notes, letter and cards are the most personal form of communication. Think love letters and cards that are treasured for decades. A handwritten letter shows courtesy and etiquette. Emails declaring ‘I love you’ just don’t cut it in the same way

D is for Diaries.

Imagine pouring out your innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions and keeping it stored in a computer file to treasure for all time. Doesn’t have the same ring does it?

E is for Education.

The dawn of the computer era is upon us but when schools, colleges and universities set a project they’ll still expect it to be completed in legible handwriting. It’s up there with reading and ‘rithmetic.

F is for Failsafe.

There’s no need to rely on computer batteries or storage space. Handwriting can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, without the need to rely on technology.

G is for Generations.

If something ain’t broke then don’t fix it! Generations upon generations have used handwriting to get their message across. It’s just as important now as it ever has been in the past

H is for: History.

We know so much about the rich past of the world we live in purely down to handwritten documents passed down over time. There were no emails when the Magna Carta was drawn up.

I is for Imagination.

Crafting a handwritten letter stimulates the brain and imagination, and is proven to heighten the feel-good factor

J is for Jargon.

Can you remember the most important documents of all time being littered with LOLs, ROFLs or L8Rs? No, neither can we! Handwriting encourages the correct use of language

K is for Knowledge.

They say that knowledge is power. And it is proven that the brain takes in far more information when it is being written down

L is for Learning.

Evidence suggests that the links between handwriting and broader educational development run deep. Children not only learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand, but they also remain better able to generate ideas and retain information.

M is for Memory.

Handwriting enhances brain activity and memory, helping to keep the mind sharp

N is for Nostalgia.

Ever dug out old school notebooks, diaries and cards from years gone by to relive happy memories from the past? Threads of text messages and emails just don’t provide the same sense of nostalgia

O is for Opulent.

It’s not just artists that get to go wild with creativity. Beautiful handwriting can bring a page to life

P is for Pen and Pencil –

The instruments that bring our thoughts and emotions to life on the page. You know how the famous saying goes – the pen is mightier than the sword!

Q is for Quill.

Let’s take a moment to step back in time! The quill was used to write with ink before the invention of the dip pen. Shakespeare’s world-famous plays would have been written down using a quill – and the literary masterpieces have certainly stood the test of time

R is for Romance.

Great love stories tend not to be rooted in the foundation of a text message or email! Think instead of soldiers in battle taking hope from letters sent from their loved ones back home or cards filled with soppy scribblings and cherished for years

S is for Signature.

Even if you’re never intending to become a scribe, everyone should practice their signature. Some of the most memorable moments in history have come from people signing on the dotted line…Think treaties, marriages, births, autographs – or even football contracts

T is for Text Messages.

Let’s face it, texts are a handy way of quick communication. But they’ll never beat a carefully-crafted handwritten message

U is for Unique.

Nobody wants to follow the crowd so handwriting is a perfect tool to express personality and individuality. Every person’s handwriting is unique

V is for Vision.

Our vision is for writing by hand to co-exist in perfect harmony with technology in this digital age

W is for Writing.

Because writing by hand really does matter!

X is for X-Factor.

Handwritten notes just have that extra little something that makes them super special!

Y is for You.

Just like fashion sense and choice of hairstyles, handwriting says a lot about who you are.

Z is for Zeal.

With handwriting proven to stimulate the mind and imagination, sitting down to write a letter will produce a feel-good factor. It’s a fact!

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The importance of handwriting is being highlighted as part of National Stationery Week – as we launch a campaign to ensure Britain keeps writing!

Visit National Stationery Week for more stationery love.

Come back tomorrow when I share some of my favourite stationery products of 2016.

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