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World Flags Stained Glass Window

World flags stained glass window

To celebrate the start of the World Cup we thought it would be nice to have some flags from around the world up. I thought they would look great as a stained glass window. Making stained glass windows is a great craft for kids because it is relatively mess free and only takes a few provisions to make. The effects look stunning. This one was a little harder than we normally make but my 6 year old was able to help. It was a bit tricky for the twins, who are 4.

World flags stained glass window

All you need are:

  • black card
  • tissue paper
  • contact paper (sticky back plastic


World Flags decorations

First we unrolled the contact paper. I used a long strip and then folded the corners down and stuck them onto the table so it doesn’t roll up.

Then we cut some back rectangles out of the card and cut a hole in the middle.  We stuck these down onto the contact paper.

stained glass windows


After that we looked at pictures of the flags and copied them with the tissue paper. Once they were stuck on we cut out the flags and stuck them on the window with blue tack.
making stained glass window world flags

I arranged them in a line to look like flag bunting. we made the flags for Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, England and France and these are the countries we have in or family sweepstakes. It is a great learning experience as you can learn facts about the countries as you are making them.

world flags for the World Cup

I think this would be a good school activity. It would be lovely on a school window and a group to take each country and learn about it.

World flags stained glass window

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Wold Flags stained glass window - a fun craft project where you also learn about Geography. This would be perfect for the World Cup!

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