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Woolly and Tig App Review

Woolly and Tig app

The twins were so excited to hear there is a brand new Woolly and Tig app for Apple products. It is one of their favourite shows and perfect for preschoolers. Just like the show the app is so clever at tapping into what little children need and are interested in.

Woolly and Tig app

The world can be a really worrying and scary place for a three year old (or three and a half year old as my twins insist on telling me every 5 minutes) Everyday things we take for granted are new and disturbing and that goes a long way into explaining why there are so many arguments and tantrums and tears. The great thing about Woolly and Tig is that it takes these every day things and explains it simply in language little ones can understand. The explanation for it is from the loveable Woolly who is always encourage “Go for it Tig” is Woolly’s catch phrase as she gently persuades her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Woolly and Tig app

Woolly is brought to life beautifully in the animations on this app. I love how there is a free play element. Children can interact with Woolly – stroke him and send him to sleep and give him tickles. The twins loved this and were quite happy to play with this part of the game for a long time.

Woolly and Tig app

The second element is that they can play more structured mini games. These go through a young child’s every day life and you get a reward for each task you complete. There is a lot of reinforcement about how brushing your teeth or getting dressed without making a fuss are good. This is great for me. The twins are very fussy about getting dressed and having some external reinforcement really helps.

Woolly and Tig app

The part of the Woolly and Tig App the girls loved the best was were you could dress up Woolly and make a snowman. These parts were so fun and just simple enough that a 3 year old could do them independently – although they did need a little help squeezing the toothpaste and sun cream. The app is deigned so engagingly that my 6 year old wanted to play as well – especially building the snowman.

Woolly and Tig app

There is another part that you can schedule tasks for your child. This is really good if you are trying to get them into a routine and the parent can set up reminders to complete tasks at a set time.

The Woolly and Tig App costs £2.99 and will be available soon on the apple store – we were really lucky to get a sneak peak! The twins really loved this app and I did too. It is colourful and fun and encourages their independent skills. The only problem is I need another Ipad now so they can both play at the same time!

Disclaimer: we were sent the Woolly and Tig app for the purposes of this review. 

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