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Witches’ Hat Treats for Halloween

Witches Hat Treats for Halloween - perfect for young children to make.

I am so disappointed. I was standing in the queue at the supermarket and gazing into space when I saw a display of ice cream cones. I thought about what brilliant witches hats they would make. I could picture them in my head. At the time it seemed like a completely new idea no one else had ever thought of. I bopped back around the supermarket and bought the ingredients feeling really proud of myself. Of course, as soon as I searched on google I saw a whole load of witches’ hats made out of ice cream cones *sigh*. There is a large chance I saw them someone else and forgot (probably Pinterest)

Witches hat treats ingredients
The ingredients needed for the Witches’ hats

Anyway, it’s still a brilliant recipe to make with young children because it looks great and doesn’t need any cooking.


  • ice cream cones
  • chocolate biscuits (digestives work well)
  • melted chocolate
  • Sweets for decoration
Witches hat treats preparation

We dipped the cone in the chocolate and stuck it to the biscuit. Then left it for 10 minutes to set.

Witches hat treats dribbling the chocolate
Witches’ hat treats dribbling the chocolate

Dribble the cone in chocolate. It doesn’t matter if they get a bit messy. You could also use black icing.

Witches hat treats from an ice cream cone: Easy toddler cooking

Decorate the hats with sweets

Decorate with sweets. We used green and orange smarties and little stars. They would look really good for a Halloween party.

Witches hat treats

We were just making them for ourselves and so the presentation didn’t matter. These are the twins’ finished witches’ hats. Rose decided she didn’t want to make a witches’ hat she just decorated her biscuit with as many sprinkles as she could fit. Charlotte made the hat in the background and it looks really great.

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