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Win a set of The Naughtiest Girl In School by Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton was one of my favourite authors when I was growing up. It is lovely to be able to be able to share these favourite books with Molly now she is getting older. We have already enjoyed reading the Faraway Tree series and I am sure she will love the adventures of The Naughtiest Girl in School. Today I am giving you the chance to win a set of the books as well as a Q and A with the author.

Naughtiest Girl in School by Enid Blyton


An interview with ENID BLYTON

What did you like most about school?

I loved school, every minute of it. I loved learning. The things I liked at kindergarten were the things I have liked best all my life – stories – music – nature – and games.

What do you remember about school?

I remember everything about it – the room, the garden, the pictures on the wall, the little chairs, the dog there, and the lovely smells that used to creep out from the kitchen into our classroom. I remember how we used to take biscuits for our mid-morning break and swap them with one another – and how we used to dislike one small boy who was clever at swapping a small biscuit for a big one.

What was your best subject?

Essay and composition and story-writing.

What about your worst?

Sums. I hadn’t the right kind of brain for figures and I used to look on in awe when I saw other boys and girls doing the most complicated sums.

We know you loved stories. Tell us about some of your favourites?

Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Black Beauty (even though parts of it were sad)

The Water Babies

Myths and legends from all around the world.

Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopedia – which I read from end to end.  Nature books. Annuals. Magazines, too.

My favourite book as a child was called The Princess and the Goblin by George Macdonald, and also loved Coral Island by R. M. Ballantyne.

I liked poetry – even when I didn’t really understand it.

I quite like comics – but found they were like sweets – you sucked them for a few minutes, then they were gone, and you didn’t think about them any more.

Were there any books you didn’t enjoy?

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 09.10.36

I didn’t like all stories. Some I found dull and boring, just as you do. There were no real children as characters, and it was children I badly wanted to read about. There were no lively conversations in the books. Nothing to really make me laugh. 


To win a set of the book all you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter form saying what you liked best about school. I have 7 sets to give away

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Competition closes on 26.10.14

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