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Why You Should Consider a Privacy Fence for Your Backyard

Why You Should Consider a Privacy Fence for Your Backyard

A tall, seclusive privacy fence is one of the best additions a homeowner can make to their property and backyard. Read on to learn more about why you should consider a privacy fence for your backyard, including the added privacy and security benefits.


Obviously, the primary reason to consider a privacy fence for your backyard is the seclusion it affords your property. If you live in a close neighborhood with houses right next to each other—or have some nosy neighbors—you understand the benefit of privacy in your backyard.

With a privacy fence, your backyard becomes yours entirely, as the fencing hides it away from the prying eyes of neighbors and pedestrians. Feel more comfortable and peaceful in your backyard with a privacy fence to keep those curious neighbors at bay.


One of the effects of enhanced privacy for your backyard is better security for your entire home. Privacy fences are more secure than a typical white picket fence because they’re taller and don’t have gaps between planks or posts that allow trespassers or thieves in.

Pro Tip: Consider a privacy fence with a gate that automatically closes and locks from the inside to ensure your backyard is always secure.

Plus, with a privacy fence secluding your backyard, you can feel more secure leaving belongings and valuables in the backyard without worrying someone may see them and consider stealing.


A private and more secure backyard also means a safer home for you and your family. If you have toddlers especially, a tall, impenetrable fence is an excellent way to childproof your backyard and ensure they don’t sneak away when you’re not looking.

A new privacy fence also makes for a valuable animal boundary, allowing you to let your pets roam free in the backyard and not worry about them running away. Tall, privacy fences also offer another layer of protection for your backyard from potentially hazardous weather like high winds.


Some homeowners hesitate to install a fence because they know it’ll require routine maintenance like painting, staining, and the occasional repair. However, a solid privacy fence, especially a plastic lumber one, can last for decades with minimal effort and maintenance.

When it comes to wood vs. plastic fencing, wood can’t stand up to the longevity and durability of plastic lumber. A plastic privacy fence will last longer than a wood fence with half the maintenance—which also makes it an attractive addition to potential buyers.


But it’s not all functional and technical with privacy fences—many homeowners also get them for aesthetic reasons! Many styles and designs of privacy fences are available to choose from, meaning homeowners can get the fence that best matches their home’s aesthetic. Why not combine aesthetics and security? You could have your fence personalized for your style like those aluminum or wrought iron fences.

Since a privacy fence blocks off an outsider’s view of the backyard, you don’t have to worry too much about how your lawn and backyard look.

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