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Why should you welcome the New Year with a new bathroom?

It may come as no surprise that the most depressing month of the year comes directly after the merriment of festive season celebrations.

With plummeting temperatures, dark nights, and summer still a long way off January can be a time many people dread.

For many the idea of redecorating or refurbishing a room at the start of the New Year is a consideration too far as the costs of the festive season continue to linger and activity gives way to hibernation through the cold months.

However, starting the New Year with a brand new bathroom could be the perfect way to start your 2014 resolutions and below we give some reasons why.

Fresh start

Your home needs to serve as a positive environment that you can relax and retreat to at the end of a long day. For many having a hot bath, accompanied by candles and soft music is the perfect way to unwind. This is why investing in an overhaul of your bathroom space can pay dividends for years to come. Making a few simple changes could help this overlooked room become a place of tranquil bliss, setting the tone for the rest of your home.

January deals

What better month to purchase large and expensive items such as a new toilet, sink and bath than January? With the urge to spend curbed by many in the wake of festive season over indulgences, many retailers will introduce sale items at knock down prices to entice consumers once more. This means that the dream spa or fountain-style shower may not be as expensive as you first thought.

A need for greater safety

With decreased mobility as a result of ageing, the elderly are just one group who could benefit from increasing the safety of their bathroom space. Addressing areas that could present potential hazards for the elderly such as unstable flooring, hard to enter bath tubs and lack of support for movement, can all contribute to improving safety in the bathroom.

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Adapt designs to suit the needs of the individual, including extra-low shower trays, easy-access toilets and basins and assisted showering options. This can create an inviting and safe bathroom space that elderly homeowners will be happy to utilise time and time again.

Hibernate in style

What better room to improve during the colder months than the bathroom? As the temperature drops more and more people spend time in their homes.  If hibernation is what is needed during January and February then it should be conducted in style. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, why not enjoy a long, hot, shower in a brand new and luxurious bathroom? This will help to wipe away the winter blues and revive the senses, contributing to a relaxed and happier you in 2014.

While many start the New Year with the idea of tightening their purse strings there is an argument to be made for investing in home improvements. January 2014 might just be the perfect time to begin these improvements, while being conscious of your budget, ensuring a full 365 days with an interior that you’ll love!

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