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Why Is Cambridge A Great Place To Raise Your Family

5 reasons to raise a family in Cambridge

Some couples move when it’s time to start a family. There are many imaginings of picturesque locations and child-friendly shenanigans, and only some places in the UK can offer those things. 

Cambridge is a great area to raise a family. There’s plenty to do for people of all ages, and the city sets up parents for success in their roles. Though Cambridge is a city, there’s an energy here that supports a quiet, adventurous lifestyle or anything in between. Neither you nor your kids will ever get bored here. 

So, why is Cambridge a great place to raise your family? Let’s explore the reasons why down below.

Unique Family-Friendly Activities 

Cities are always stimulating places to live. Cambridge is full of the usual suspects regarding family-friendly activities, like bike rides. But there are more unique things to enjoy in Cambridge too, such as villages to the colleges of the famed university. Much of the fun takes place on the water, though. For example, Let’s Go Punting can help you book punting tickets for you and your loved ones. There are no booking fees or queuing, and flexible seating options are available. Booking online can also help you save money, as you’ll dodge the on-the-day rates. There are generous discounts for early and late departures. 

Of course, bobbing up and down the waterways is fun in its own right. Still, a tour aspect here keeps things fresh, too. The app provides a free audio tour, and not only can you explore some unique aspects of Cambridge, but you and your family can learn about them too. It can change your entire perspective on the city. 

Obviously, not everyone is comfortable having their kids around water. It’s an understandable concern, but your kids will be safe while punting. Sit them between yourself and another adult on the day, and ensure they stay seated. The boats are sturdy and slow-moving, so there shouldn’t be any problems for anyone. 

Photo by Chris Boland on Unsplash

Smaller Scale Feeling

Urban environments can sometimes be overwhelming, even for grown adults. They can be large, dirty, and rather unpleasant in certain areas. Still, Cambridge is fondly touted as a smaller location that’s brilliant to visit, so imagine how residents must feel. The compact design of the location is an asset rather than a curse. Cambridge is a proactive place, but there’s no hustle and bustle or throngs of crowds creating any hostile environment. The city is on the quainter and quieter side. 

Smaller cities can also create stronger, close-knit communities. They can be more welcoming to newcomers; generally, everyone is determined to enjoy similar lifestyles, leading to everyone having common ground. Cambridge lives up to those promises and offers families the chance to settle down in a safe and calm environment. 

Of course, Cambridge is also easier to navigate due to its size. People take to bikes as everything is nearby, which means less traffic and road pollution. Smaller populations mean less crime, too. The city is growing and is still ‘city-sized’, but it’s hardly a grimy metropolitan area full of rowdiness and unsavoury characters.

A City of Influence

Cambridge is responsible for many evolutions of British and even global society. The feats that the University of Cambridge alums have achieved throughout the year have greatly impacted the world. 

It can be great for kids to grow up in a city that has historical achievements under its belt, as well as a forward-driven mentality. Things happen in Cambridge, and there’s much to be inspired by. Being immersed in that environment is incredibly stimulating and can encourage your kids to become more aspirational as they grow. 

Exciting developments are always underway in Cambridge. With plans to bid for ‘City of Culture’ in the future, the city’s political leaders clearly believe there’s plenty to celebrate here. Honours like those always bring in more investment and opportunities. A city like Cambridge will likely be bestowed with this title one day, given all it’s accomplished and will continue to achieve.

Others Love Cambridge

Not everybody likes to ‘follow the crowd’. However, when you’re trying to find a place to settle with your family, positive word of mouth is a crucial asset. 

After all, Cambridge has been recognised as a family-friendly place to live today. The local media proudly report on that result, and it can create a sense of city pride amongst existing residents. Stories like those can also give prospective movers the final push they’ve been looking for.

The day will come when your children flee the nest, too. Not all adult kids are in a hurry to get back and visit, but those that grew up in Cambridge will likely always be happy to see it again. They may even want to settle in the city or nearby in adulthood to be closer to the place they love. 

Ultimately, there’s a great deal of positivity around Cambridge. It can be infectious and spread to every city corner and beyond. The love never leaves, which makes it a great place to raise your family.

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