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Whitestep Bath Toys – Review and Discount

Flexibath bath toys £13.95
Buying presents for children is hard these days. They have so much already that it’s hard to get them something unique which won’t clutter up the house. I often plump for bath toys because they do need replacing fairly often to keep them clean and they can be tucked away upstairs. I also think that water play is so much fun for children that any new toys which keep them amused is going to be a hit with them and their parents.
These Flexibath toys from Whitestep are definitely on my present list for any children with birthdays this year.  It is a simple design but one which children will get a lot of pleasure from. You get two cups a funnel a lid and a table. the plastic they are made with is surprisingly soft and colourful. The toys have no labels on them so the children are free to play with them as they wish. It makes a great cup of pretend tea! You can also put them in the dishwasher so they will not get mouldy like some bath toys. 
Innovative shelf design
The main reason you would buy this is because it is environmentally friendly. This is great if you are ecologically aware as you can feel secure that the company do not use uncool chemicals. So good for the children and the environment. I wish I had found these products when the twins were little because their baby bath is a genius idea. It folds up for easy storage and the bath toys attach to the side. You can use it up to four years of age but then it would be great for other forms of storage. Whitestep is definitely a company to keep your eye on if you’re looking for innovative products. 
Her tea making skills need a bit of work
 The twins love to play with these toys in the bath. They really like being able to put them on and off the little shelf. This is the best bit about these toys. It has suction cups which attach to the side of any bath. It is a great way to store the toys when they are not in use. As it has been so cold, we also used the Flexibath toys for a bit of inside water play. The twins loved splashing about with the bubbles and making some imaginary tea. it wasn’t so nice drinking it though.

Water play with the Flexibath toys

 Wondering what to do with the Flexibath toys when the children are not actually bathing? Well I found it does have another use. On the very rare occasion I get a bit of me-time I’ve found the shelf is a great place to put my book so it doesn’t drop in the water when I’ve finished. Bliss.

A handy shelf for your book!

 The best part of this review is I have a special discount code for all my readers. It is SPLASH15 and gives a 15% discount off all the products on the website.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a set of bath toys for the purposes of this review. 

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