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Whisper Boots from Hotter

Whisper Boots from Hotter

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Somehow whenever I go to Hotter Comfort Concept looking to find a sensible pair of work shoes to replace my well-loved Shake shoes, I end up with a pair of boots. The boots always look so amazing and are just perfect for this time of year. At the moment I am wearing a lot of tunic dressing and leggings and boots just finish that off perfectly.

Whisper Boots from Hotter

There is a big choice of words in store and they come in a big choice of colours. I loved the look and feel of these Whisper boots. These are part of the Originals collection and are made using the same base as the Shake shoes so I knew they would be incredibly comfortable. I was a little predictable and chose black but there are fourteen other colours you can choose from in sizes 3-9. You can also choose leather or suede finishes. I went for the leather as they are great for wet days as well as dry.

Whisper Boots from Hotter

The boots are made from a good quality leather with a premium faux fur lining to keep you insulated. The leather feels soft and has a lovely shine to it. The zips are slanted which makes the boot look really slender. There is a zip on each side which is really unusual.

These boots are great for Autumn walks, on the school run or for wearing to work. I think they look good with tights or leggings or underneath trousers, although for trousers they would look better with a more pointed toe. I was fitted with my boots during Hotter’s Fit Fortnight and I had a fitting specialist make sure they were exactly the right size.  This means they are so comfortable and never rub, even when they are new. The Hotter originals do not feature in the sales but are available at a low price all year. In this case, the Whisper boots are £75. I think that is really good value as you will get so much use out of them.

Whisper Boots from Hotter


Hotter blogger familyDisclaimer: I was given these shoes as part of the Hotter Blogger Program for the purpose of this review. 


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