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What To Pack Your Child for a Weekend at Camp

What To Pack Your Child for a Weekend at Camp

You’ve found the perfect camp to send your child to, the registration process is done, and your kid leaves after school on Friday—it sounds like you’re ready to start packing! It’s easy to overthink this process and include more items than your child needs. Let us help you with this comprehensive list of what to pack your child for a weekend at camp.

Plan Ahead

Once all the minor details are set in stone, start working on a plan for when the day comes. When adding clothes and items to the duffle bag, create a packing list to check off. Go ahead and browse the camp’s website to get a feel for some of the activities they offer. For example, if they have a lake or hiking trails, pack accordingly.

Travel Light

It is easy to overpack. We all do it—but don’t send your kid off to camp with a fifty-pound bag full of unnecessary goods. Stick to the basics and pack a little extra for undergarments. Chances are your child won’t even use half of what you put in the bag anyway.

What To Pack

Most of the time, camps have itineraries that serve as a great resource to get a feel for what to pack. Be aware of how many nights and days your child will spend there. Or, you can use our essentials when packing.

Generally, you want to include basic clothing items, swimwear, a coat or sweatshirt, pajamas, and an extra pair of shoes. Toiletries and bedtime essentials include bathroom necessities, a sleeping bag and pillow, a flashlight, a reusable water bottle, and hand sanitizer. Another great item to pack is a kids smartwatch that helps in emergencies.

Pack From the Top-Down

To prevent a mess from happening the minute your child unpacks at camp, organize the duffle bag in a way that makes sense. Packing in the order from your head down to your feet minimizes the need to dig through all the items and ruins your hard work. Start with headgear, clothing, footwear, and lastly, bed and bath.

Miscellaneous Packing Suggestions

There are a few things on our list that you might not think about before a kid-free weekend. Your child won’t be the only one sharing a room. Labeling items in the duffle bag ensures items will return to you when the trip is over.

Include some essentials for the counselor as well. They will appreciate an emergency contact list, a list of medications your child is on, and medical conditions they need to watch out for. This plans for the safest trip for your kiddo.

Put your mind at ease with our list of what to pack your child for a weekend at camp. Your child will have a fun weekend without worrying about forgotten items with our packing overview.

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