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What To Make With Cardboard

The ABC’s of Cardboard Creations

What to make with cardboard

If you have ever wondered what to make with cardboard then this is for you. You probably have a load of cardboard boxes lying around from Christmas or have commented that the kids seem to enjoy playing with the box more than the toy in side. Well this week I’m going to bring you lots of inspiration for making something really amazing.

You see this week I am taking part in a truly immense blogging series with over 100 other bloggers from the Kid Blogger Network. Each blogger is tackling different themes to do with kids. My theme is cardboard creations and I am bringing you an idea for every letter of the alphabet from aeroplanes to zoos. Cardboard is probably my favourite material to make things with. It’s free, it’s easy to cut up and as you will see it’s incredibly versatile.

This page will link all the days together so make sure you check back at the end of the week to find them. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook or get free updates by subscribing to my RSS feed to get all updatesl.I also have a jam-packed Pinterest board called Cardboard Creations so make sure you are following that as I will add to it over the year.

Cardboard Creations

This is where you will find all the posts:

what to make with cardboard

Tuesday 8th January – A-F

Wednesday 9th January G-M

Friday 11th January N-S

Monday 14th January T-Z

So there you go – over 100 ideas showing you what to make with cardboard! So what are you going to make?


To find out what each blogger is doing then click on the button below. There is also a Pinterest board called ABC’s Alphabet Series – by Kid Bloggers to follow

Here is the list of the other bloggers activities. If you can’t find something to do after reading this lot then I’ll be very surprised.






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