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What parents need to consider when moving to London

The London Eye

London can be one of the most exciting cities in the world. It has great clubs wonderful restaurants and a flourishing sports and arts scene. This is great for adults but if you have a young family then you have to consider other factors.

Important research for buying a house in London

Once you’ve decided to move to the capital, you want to make sure that your children will enjoy the experience of living in London as much as you will. If you’re concerned about safety and your quality of life, it might be a good idea to think of investing in one of the boroughs outside the centre. Middlesex is ideal for this. The area has a multitude of good schools, some of which are faith orientated; it’s close to many parks and it boasts a first class sports centre. Not only this but the end of the Jubilee Line is located in Stanmore and offers commuting time in to central London of less than 40 minutes.

Big ben, Houses of Parliament, London

Transportation links

Transport is vital for both adults and children. You’ll need to ensure that your children’s schools are easily accessible. The underground network in London has expanded so you should be able to find a tube that’s convenient for all the family.

Some parents will need to find adequate childcare as a result of their work responsibilities. After school play centres tend to proliferate, though if your child is very young you should check out local child minders.

The joys of London

One of the best reasons for moving to London is the proximity of the capital’s museums and entertainment that’s specifically targeted towards the family as a whole. Just spending a day walking around the South Bank Centre will be great fun; you’ll find plenty to interest you and the kids.

If you’re feeling really brave, you can always go and explore the London Dungeons and finish the day at a café or restaurant that caters for kids. Planet Hollywood is always fun.

The London EyeFree entertainment

If your budget is a little stretched, then most of the major museums are free. You could also spend an afternoon kite flying on Primrose Hill or wander around Camden High Street to view the strange and the curious.

Samuel Johnson famously said: ‘when a man is tired of London he is tired of life’. That comment is as applicable today as it was in the 18th century – London is a fantastic city for the whole family and a great area to live.

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