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What Gifts Should You Buy for Someone Else’s Kid

What Gifts Should You Buy for Someone Else’s Kid

When it comes to your own children, buying them presents is usually pretty easy. You already know what they like and, obviously, what you’ll approve of. However, this gets more challenging when you have to buy a regular gift or a cute customized gift for someone else’s kid. That’s why we’ve put together some suggestions on what you should consider if your friend has a young child with an upcoming birthday. Presents for children of all ages could work, but we want to focus specifically on ones that are best for kids in the toddler range.

Clothing and Apparel

Clothing items are a good place to start. Both the child and their parents will appreciate any clothes you give them. After all, kids grow out of clothes too quickly for parents to buy them all on their own.

If you’re worried about the size, don’t be afraid to buy the apparel in a size or two higher. Larger clothing should still fit the kid fine. Don’t do this with shoes, though. Many people believe that larger shoes are OK for kids, but that’s one of the more common misconceptions about toddler footwear.

Stuffed Animal

If you don’t want to risk getting the wrong size clothes but still want to get something soft and cute for your friend’s kid, stuffed animals are a win in the eyes of most children. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be an animal, per se. There are stuffed toys of anything imaginable these days. From cars to candy, plush versions of anything and everything that children love are on the market for you to find.

Picture Books

One gift you can buy for someone else’s kid that is both fun and educational is a picture book. Most parents heavily encourage their kids to get into reading at an early age. Even if they don’t push for it, they won’t be upset about their child getting a book for their birthday. While toddlers can’t read yet, their parents can read the book to them while they look at the pictures.

Gift Card

So normally, putting a gift card as a choice in gift ideas lists is a bit of a cop-out. However, when buying a present for a child you don’t know very well, sometimes it’s the best option. Children can be very unpredictable in terms of the things they like.

One day, they like trains. The next day, it’s tractors. If you haven’t kept up with their interests, you could end up buying them something they don’t like anymore. A gift card will ensure that they can get whatever they want without the hassle of trying to return something they’re no longer interested in.

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