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What are the colours of the Rainbow?

Rainbow window decoration

Ok, Ok, I know this rainbow window decoration is upside down. I would love to say it’s a deliberate mistake – but no – I just wasn’t paying attention. Of course it’s a good starting point for a discussion – which way should the colours go? We had already had a big discussion about why the popular Rainbow song has pink in when there isn’t pink in the rainbow. My way of remembering is to use the mnemonic “Richard of York gained battle in vain – but it isn’t a great way for little children to learn it. The other way makes even less sense to me and that is with the mnemonic Mr Roy G. Biv – huh? That wouldn’t help me.

Anyway we made this because the girls were sad when we were following a rainbow which looked like it ended at our house. they hoped they would find some gold there but when we got nearer the rainbow kept moving. As they do. So we made a rainbow which would always end in our garden. it’s a nice way to cheer up on a cold grey day and also a good way to mark St Patrick’s Day.

rainbow colours

We cut up tissue paper into little pots. This was brilliant for practicing scissor skills. Rosie really enjoyed using scissors. She is two and always wants to have scissors. I cut her a long strip and then held it for her as she cut it into bits. Great for colour recognition too.


Then I drew a rainbow and wrote the colours on it. Unfortunately upside down. Oops. Charlotte enjoyed colouring in the Rainbow with felt tips.


Then I stuck a piece of contact paper over the top and we took a colour at a time and put the tissue paper onto it. Then I cut it out and stuck it onto the window.


It looks lovely. Even if it is upside down.

Rainbow colours

Rosie was really taken with the colours as later that day she lined up her trains in rainbow – not in the right order but still.

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