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What are Diesel Generators? Are they the best for your situation?

There are many different types of fuels you can use with your generator but one of the most common is diesel. Diesel is a very divisive fuel you might find some people saying how long-lasting and cheap it is while others will say how smelly and noisy it can be. 

So, diesel generators can be hard to fully get a clear opinion on, some people love them while others much prefer natural gas or propane. Let’s take a closer look at diesel generators and look at their pros and cons to see if they are the best generator choice for your situation.  

The Pros 

Fuel Efficiency – While diesel isn’t the most fuel efficient option available you might be surprised by just how efficient it can actually be. When compared to their natural gas counterparts diesel generators are often the more efficient option and they can also reach maximum efficiency/ peak performance more quickly. 

Heat Handling – Another perk of diesel generators is that they can handle heat much more effectively. They have an inbuilt cooling component so they don’t need things like water pumps or radiators to help them handle excessive heat. 

Cost-Effectiveness – Diesel generators are one of the most budget-friendly types of generator available. This is further aided by the fact that they are in general one of the strongest most long-lasting types of generator as well. The initial purchase price for a diesel generator will often be cheaper than its rivals and maintenance will be much less common. 

The Cons 

Noise – While there are misconceptions about diesel generators out there one thing that isn’t false is the fact that they are often very noisy machines. A diesel generator will often be one of the noisiest types of offer and while this can be alleviated with the noise cancelling canopy that some come with that is only going to help so much. 

Expensive Repairs – Diesel generators are strong and durable so they won’t often need repairs/ maintenance. But when they do you can expect to pay a high-price for it, services, and replacement components can be very expensive. 

Not Environmentally Friendly – There really is no way to combat this one diesel is not a very green or eco-friendly energy source. If being green and having an eco-friendly generator is important to you then diesel is likely not going to be the best choice. However, it is only fair to say that diesel is more eco-friendly than petrol and could be more eco-friendly than you might first think. 

The Final Verdict on Diesel Generators 

So, are diesel generators for you? Well like every option when it comes to generators there are good points and bad points to consider. The good news is that diesel is a readily available fuel source and diesel generators are quite strong, fuel-efficient and relatively simple to get to grips with and use. 

On the negative side though they are not very eco-friendly and often very noisy machines when compared to natural gas and propane generators. If you can handle the noise and aren’t too worried about potential future repair costs they are worth considering. 

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