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West Midlands Safari Park

white tiger at West Midlands Safari Park

When I asked the girls where they wanted to go as a day out in the Summer Holidays they were unanimous in voting to visit West Midlands Safari Park. It really is the perfect family day out as there is something for everyone. It is incredible to get so close to the animals and there are funfair rides as well for people who like a thrill.

The first photo really shows the delight and wonder of getting close to the animals. We arrived at about ten thirty in the middle of the Summer holidays and had a quick pit stop before heading straight round the safari park in the car. This takes about two hours so it is definitely worth stopping first when you have young children.

West Midlands Safari Park

You can buy some boxes of feed on the gates and feed many of the animals. This is very exciting. I wish we had remembered baby wipe though! The animals seem to love interacting with the visitors. Sometimes it is hard to to get past them as they stand in the middle of the road.

white tiger at West Midlands Safari Park

Even though we visited on a really busy day there were very few queues as we went round. We went on one of the only sunny days of the holidays and the animals were clearly enjoying the sunshine.

wild dog at West Midlands Safari Park

There is a lovely mix of animals. We particularly enjoyed seeing the big cats.

lion at West Midlands Safari Park

I loved seeing the lion asleep onto of the rock lion.

sleeping lion

We visited the West Midlands Safari Park a few years ago and there are a number of things which were different. Firstly, there were no monkeys when we went round. This is good really as they can damage the car, but monkeys are Charlotte’s favourite animal. Luckily there is lemur woods where you can get super close. Also I remembered being really scared of the ostrich who get so close last time, so I was relieved when they weren’t there.


The giraffes were particularly amazing. Their legs seemed so long when you are right up close to them. I love their comical faces. They put their heads down to get food out of the cars which was really incredible.

giraffe at West Midlands Safari Park

After the safari, we stopped for a picnic and then entered the park. W hadn’t decided whether to do any rides before, but when we saw you could get four rides for £6 or unlimited rides for £11 this seemed like such a good deal, it was silly to miss it. Th good thing about the wrist bands is that you only have to pay for the people going on the rides. The twins only wanted to go on a couple of the little rides and so we only bought a ticket for them. Whereas Molly wanted to go on everything, so we got her a wristband. This meant everybody was happy.

West Midlands Safari Park

The great thing about the rides was that there weren’t really any queues. You could walk right on most of them, which is brilliant if you are just having a quick ride before moving on.

rides at West Midlands Safari Park

As well as the safari, there are lots of animals you can get close to when you are walking around. We enjoyed seeing the meercats in the African Village.


The walk through lemur wood was a real highlight You get so close to the lemurs. Charlotte did try to pick one up so you have to be careful.


Another highlight for us was visiting the lorikeets. These beautiful birds are so fascinating. You can buy a small pot of nectar for £1.50 and they will come and sit on your hand and your shoulder and your head. They are really amazingly tame.


This was such an amazing experience that the girls kept wanting to go back and get more pots of nectar. When you first go in the room they swoop straight down as soon as they see the nectar. It can be a little scary when they land on your head but the girls loved it.

lorikeet at West Midlands Safari Park

We finished our day with the sea lion show. This is is such a fun showand Calum the sea lion looks like he loves the attention.

sea lion show at West Midlands Safari Park

In the show, Calum the sea lion catches hoops and balls and does lots of funny tricks. The girls were very jealous of the girl who got to help in the show as part of the star of the sea lion show VIP experience. I might have to look at getting Charlotte a lemur feed experience so she can pick up a lemur for real.

sea lion show at West Midlands Safari Park

We had an amazing day at West Midlands Safari Park. It was the best day of the Summer full of fun and laughter, and getting close to the amazing animals.

Disclaimer: We were given a family ticket for the purposes of this review. 

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