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Wedding Sensory Box

wedding sensory bin

We had a family wedding at the weekend and the girls had a very important job of being flower girls. Molly was the official flower girl and had to scatter petals when walking up the aisle.

flower girl

They all had beautiful fabric baskets to carry which matched their outfits as well as sparkly fairy wands.

flower girl baskets

The twins had the incredibly important job of handing out sweets to all the guests after the ceremony. They all took their jobs very seriously and thank goodness didn’t ruin the wedding. Phew!

flower girls

At the wedding there were lots of lovely sparkly gems and sweeties and bubbles which were brilliant for keeping the kids occupied. They wanted to play with them when we got home so today I made them a wedding sensory box. It reminds me of the flowers and fairies sensory box from The Imagination Tree, which was definitely an inspiration behind this.

wedding sensory box

Contents of the Wedding Sensory Box

  • LoveHeart sweets
  • bubbles
  • Rose petals
  • flowers
  • gems
  • rings from a craft kit
  • bubbles
  • flower girls baskets
  • confetti
wedding sensory bin

The box looks really inviting and is a lovely reminder of the day.

wedding sensory bin

Of course the LoveHearts didn’t last very long. The twins enjoyed pretending they were handing them out and shared them between all their toys.

wedding play

This is a great activity if you have any bits and bobs left over from a wedding. The girls are three and love free play like this. They spent a happy half an hour scooping up the petals and gems and arranging them into patterns.

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