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Ways To Get Your Kids To Unplug From Screens This Summer

Ways To Get Your Kids To Unplug From Screens This Summer

From watching TV shows to playing interactive games, kids enjoy their screen time. However, too much technology can disconnect them from the outside world. If you want to dial back on their tech use, check out these awesome ways to get your kids to unplug from screens this summer.

Do Arts and Crafts Projects

Did you know that building suncatchers and making quilts are some of the best crafts to do with your kids this summer? One way to get your children away from screens while encouraging creativity is through arts and crafts projects. Whether they paint pictures or build things with clay, your children will create something amazing they can share with everyone!

Create a Reading Routine

Reading is fundamental for children because it expands their world knowledge and stimulates their brains. And this season, create a reading routine that inspires them to read. Perhaps you all visit the library on a Sunday, grab a few books, and then schedule group or independent reading time throughout the rest of the week. In addition, you can ask your child these questions to track their progress:

  • What happened in your book today?
  • Who is your favorite character?
  • What was your favorite part?
  • What do you think will happen next?

Go on a Family Road Trip

Family road trips are great ways to connect with loved ones and unplug from screens, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long adventure. Your children will experience new surroundings and engage in fun activities! And if you’re interested in traveling with extended family, choosing the proper vehicle is one tip for organizing a big family road trip. After all, you want to ensure that you include everyone in the adventure!

Establish Outdoor Time

Warm weather is perfect for all things outdoors. And you can get your kids to unplug from screens this summer by establishing outdoor time. Take an afternoon walk together, play in a sandbox, or engage in snack time outside. The point is to get your kids to spend time outdoors and away from indoor distractions.

Sign Up for Lessons

During the summer, various camps and lessons are available to occupy any child’s time. And if you want your kid to learn something new or interact with other children, you should sign them up for a few. Tennis, swimming, dance, and art are examples of lessons you can select for your child. Not only will they have fun with peers, but they will end the summer with a new skill!

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