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View-Master Virtual Reality Review

Did you have a View-Master when you are growing up? I remember trying them and being amazed at the fun pictures inside. My 10-year-old self wouldn’t believe the upgrade the toy has had recently. Now instead of just static pictures you get an immersive experience taking you to far off countries, distant lands and even space.


The new View-Master looks really cool and futuristic. You need a smart phone to download the relevant app although the starter pack does come with a preview reel so you can trial the different worlds.


There are three different experiences to try. There are wildlife, Space, and destinations. You need to buy the packs separately. These offer 360 degree augmented virtual reality. This means that when you are looking through the View-Master it is like you are really there. You control where to look and can spin around and look at anything you want.

viewfinder 2

It is a fantastic way to learn, as there are lots of fun facts throughout the experience. We were really thrilled with the space pack as the girls are all learning about Space at school and are really fascinated with the subject. It really brings the subject to life.


Inside the pack, you get three reels so you can view different parts of the subject. For example, with the wildlife pack you can view the Amazon, the African Savanna, and the Australian outback. When you have downloaded the app you can put your Smart phone into the View-master and you are ready to go.


Just like the original you click to get new pictures, however this time you are in a 3D world. You can also click to move objects around or to get facts. The girls were really amazed by the View-master and I have to say I got a kick out of it too. It is really easy to navigate the different experiences.

The thing which I liked the best was the price. The starter pack costs just £22.99. I think this is a great price for something so exciting. The packs cost just £7.99, which is again a really reasonable price.

viewfinder 3

Disclaimer: We were sent the View-master for the purposes of this review. 

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