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Yesterday I had a lovely comment from The Rambling Pages saying she had awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Woo hoo! I love praise. If you haven’t read her blog then take a look, it’s a funny and bitingly honest read, about life as a mum of two, parenting children with Aspergers and ADHD and marriage. I’ve tried to track back this award to see where it originated but can’t find where it started. I did find lots of great blogs to read though. 

Of course with great powers comes great responsibility and there are some rules for accepting the award.

  1. Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass the award along to 15 other newly discovered blogs.
Right better get started:
1. I was a Gladiator. Not really, but I studied Ancient History at Nottingham Uni. It’s how I met my lovely husband. Oh and no – the course has not been relevant to my life. But did I mention it’s how I met my husband? Also I got to lie in until 11 every day. Lovely.
2. I used to sing A LOT. I was in 2 school choirs and a church choir, which practiced twice a week, had services on Sunday and weddings on Saturday and also had singing lessons. I was even on Song of Praise. I sing a lot now too. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, The ABC song – you know all the classics.
3. My most embarrassing moment was when I had the honour of doing a reading at my bruv-in-law’s wedding. I was a bit nervous as it had lots of unfamiliar biblical names in it. I was also very very tired having travelled many miles early that morning. Well that’s my excuse. I had got over the hard bits without messing up and was I into the home straight. I think it must have been over confidence.  Instead of saying “Let us pray” I said “Let us play”! Oh – the shame. Unsurprisingly it didn’t make the final cut of the wedding video so I can’t actually relive the awful moment when I ruined their wedding. I’m almost sure no one noticed. The only thing which saved me was the priest, who was at least 90, kept calling the groom the wrong name throughout the service. It was such a lovely day except for that, I can only apologise. 
4. I used to joke that anyone planning to have children when they were over 30 would end up with twins. Well the last laughs on me isn’t it?
5. I lose everything, keys, my diary, credit cards, my husbands very important belongings. I once lost (tidied in the bin?) my hubby’s passport just before we were due to go on a romantic trip to Venice. It has never been found and we’ve still never been to Italy. Very sad considering how we met (studying The Romans – for those of you with short memories). That was a bad couple of days. 
6. I always cry after I get my hair cut. 
7. I was on Teachers TV. A long time ago, in what seems like another life time I was an assistant head in an inner city primary school in Birmingham. I know – it surprises me too. It’s so strange to watch your younger self back. Where did that Brummie accent come from? I need to move back down south. Soon.
So here are my favourite newly discovered blogs at the moment. Go and have a look if you have a moment and show them some love. They’re ace.
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