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Van Gogh Sunflowers

children's sunflower paintings
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This week we have been looking at Van Gogh’s Sunflower paintings. We chose these for one simple reason: the weather has been blinking awful here and we needed a fast injection of colour and sunshine and these paintings are the best way I know to do it. Our sunflowers were pretty disappointing this year, the first lot didn’t grow at all and we had to buy some already half-grown ones to get a bit of colour in the garden. It seemed the perfect project.

We looked at the paintings and I asked:
What colours has Van Gogh used?
What colour is the background?
Why didn’t he use a different colour?
How does it make you feel?
How do you think he was feeling when he painted it?
When do you think he painted it – morning, night?
What do you think he used to make the painting?
How many sunflowers do you see?
Why do you think this painting is so famous?
If you could ask the artist a question about the painting what would it be?

potato printing

We used a selection of potato prints to make the sunflower petals. Sweet potatoes are a perfect petal shape and only need to be cut in half. I made some other shapes for the twins to experiment with.

We mixed a range of sunflower colours trying to make them as close to the original as we could.

The twins liked using the colours.

We printed the potato stamp into a flower head shape. We used a cork to print the centre of the flower.

We painted the stalk with green and used a potato leaf shape to make the leaves.

The finished picture.

The best place to display the pictures while their drying.

children's sunflower paintings
planting sunflowers

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