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Valuable Tips To Help You Relocate Your Family To The North

Relocating north of england
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While the south of England might have the coastal beauty, plus the metropolitan, culture epicenter that is London, many families are choosing to forgo the southern benefits and forge a new life for themselves and their families in the north of the country. 

The north has an unfortunate reputation for being cold, wet, and windy, but this is rather unfair. In fact, the north of England has a great deal on offer, with incredible countrysidescenery and welcoming, friendly people. If you’re thinking of relocating your family to the north, we’ve put together a guide to help you. Keep reading to check it out. 

Get A Head Start On The Move

The north of England has some fantastic cities, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Leeds are all excellent places to live. However, Manchester is what most people think of when they think of the north, and for good reason. From the music scene to the football culture, Manchester is a thriving, vibrant city with something to appeal to everyone. 

If you’ve set your sights on Manchester and are preparing to move your family there, the best thing you can do is get a head start and move some of your possessions there ahead of time. Doing this can reduce the stress of packing and can cut costs when it comes to hiring a removal company. Look for local Manchester storage units, keeping some of your things in a unit and out of the way will make the transition much easier. 

Draw Up A Budget

Moving is an expensive process, with a cross-country move often coming with a heavy price tag. It’s essential that you ensure that you’re not spending more than you can afford. To avoid this, draw up detailed budgets ahead of time to get an idea of the overall expenditure involved. You’ll need to take into account the price of your new home and the costs involved with moving your possessions there.

Additionally, you’ll need to assess how expensive it is to live in your new city. Check local prices for goods and services in Manchester. If you’re moving from London, you might be surprised at some of the savings you can make. 

Choose An Area

Photo by Zach Rowlandson on Unsplash

Manchester is a big city, one of the largest in the UK. It is comprised of several different areas and neighborhoods that surround the city centre. Each of these areas has its own particular advantages and disadvantages, you’ll need to compare them carefully and assess how they match you and your family’s needs before making a decision. 

Where you ultimately decide to live will be influenced by a range of factors. You’ll need to check things like transport links, local amenities and services, and school districts if you have school-age children. Housing costs can vary area by area too, so ensure you factor this in when searching for a new home. 

Altrincham, to the southwest of the city centre, is a perfect suburban setting for families. On the other hand, an area like Sale is closer to the city and would be more suitable if you’re making regular commutes to work. 


Making the decision to move your family to a new city is heavy with responsibility. You will not only need to think of your own needs, but of the needs of your partner and children as well. Move your possessions ahead of time to streamline the process, study local areas carefully, and ensure you are always adhering to your budget to guarantee a successful move north for you and your family

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