Photo and Video software, review and giveaway

Today I am hosting a giveaway for some video and photo editing software. I was hoping to provide a review as well, but unfortunately my PC has finally packed in and this software is not MAC compatible. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is for photo editing It’s designer says “it’s a Powerful image editing, astounding illustration capabilities, … Read more

Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Watch out the multiple mayhem carnival is in town. For one day only I’m bringing you a whole heap of posts about parenting multiples from a whole bunch of lovely parent bloggers. Hmmmm…. What do you call a group of multiple parents? A weary perhaps. That sounds about right. Today we have a weary of … Read more

Blog Awards

I feel a little bit funny asking for nominations but I know there are some non blogger types out there who won’t have heard of blogging awards but are just dying to nominate me so thought I’d mention it. Just in passing. You know, not begging or anything. Just slipping into conversation.  “Blog awards? Did … Read more

What is Motherhood?

Describe motherhood in three wordsTiring, really tiring Does your experience differ from your mother’s? How?I think our generation has more pressure to parent a certain way, to get it right, when really there isn’t a right. There are so many books on parenting now, TV shows, newspaper and magazine articles, and erm…. even blogs. It … Read more

Fantastic Finger Puppets Review

Welcome to the Here Come the Girls theatre, now featuring a play brought to you by the Manhattan Toy Company Starring some lovely Fabric finger puppets: pirates, fairies and nursery rhyme characters. These puppets are really well made with a real attention to detail. They are full of character with charming smiley faces and cute accessories like a … Read more