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UGG Boots For Kids Review

Erin Ugg Boots Review

You can’t get much cuter than these UGG boots. Mini pairs of your favourite boots for the little people in your life! Here’s my review of UGG’s little boots for kids. As modelled by my twins.

UGG Boots for Infants Review
The twins love their Ugg boots

Use and Fit

The Classic Mini II Boots come in Chestnut, Pink, Shadow, Grey, Rock Rose, Samba Red and Black, so there is something for boys and girls. The best thing from the twins point of view is that they easy for the twins to put on themselves – great for practicing independence.

The Ugg Classic Mini II boots are for kids 2 and upwards and have a more rigid sole for use outdoors compared to some of Ugg’s baby booties.

Ugg Boots Review
Ideal dancing boots!

Materials and Craftsmanship

They are very good quality with soft sheepskin and a lovely fluffy fleece lining to keep those little toes snug.

I got them in pink. Not the most practical colour I have to admit but these weren’t intended for puddle jumping! They are perfect for wearing around the house. I often put the girls in them for the school run or when I know they won’t be walking far. They keep their feet so warm. Normally I have a fight getting the girls to wear anything but they are always happy to put these boots on. They are obviously trendy in the toddler world. Or maybe it’s because they are so comfortable?

Ugg Boots Review
Keeping those little toes snug as a bug


The boots are a bit out of my budget at $110. However, if you are looking for quality and attention to detail then these are worth the money. They would make a lovely present for a toddler – especially if their mum is an UGG lover.

Kids Ugg Boots Review
Mini Ugg boots are great for use in the home


These UGG Boots for kids are really adorable and a must for any trend setting tot – or two!

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Disclaimer: I was sent two pairs of Uggs for the purpose of this review. The views expressed are my own and are an honest reflection of my opinion. 

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