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Tsum Tsum Series 1

We were really excited to be sent some series 1 Tsum Tsums. The girls have collected a few of the larger plush toys but hadn’t found these little collectibles. These are super cute toys which are sausage shaped versions of your favourite characters. They have really sweet baby faces.

Due to their distinctive shape, you can stack the Tsum Tsums on top of each other. They would make a cute display in your bedroom. A four pack costs around £5, with one hidden Tsum Tsum.


There are over 50 different characters to choose from so this makes it really good for little collectors. The girls enjoyed spotting all their favourites from the Disney films they love. There are rare and ultra rare Tsum Tsums making it even more exciting when you get a rare one. These are really sweet collectibles which any Disney fan will love.


In the Summer look out for the new flocked Tsum Tsums.


See our review for the Series 2 Tsum Tsums here:


Disclaimer: I was sent the toys for the purposes of this review.

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