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Training Tips All New Dog Owners Should Know

Training Tips All New Dog Owners Should Know

Ah, the joys of doggy parenthood! Puppies are wonderful, but they can also cause stress. Any new dog owner bringing a puppy home should learn a few essential training tips to help them on their journey. With these tips, you can feel more confident and work to strengthen the bond between you and your new pet.

Be Firm but Positive

Your dog needs to feel safe around you and understand you’re the boss. Achieve this balance with reward-based training. It’s the most animal-friendly and effective way to train most pups. Positive reinforcement and reassuring tones will help you communicate commands, and with this method, you’ll slowly watch your dog begin to understand.

Avoid expressing frustration and anger because your dog will begin to associate these nasty tones with training. This negativity will set your training back. Plus, you’re trying to develop a relationship with your dog, not hinder it.

Be Consistent and Use a Schedule

Consistency is key with dog training. Sticking with the same rules will allow for proper training. Don’t use your bed for a photo shoot if you don’t want your dog lying on it. Don’t feed your dog from the table if you don’t want them begging. Your actions will begin to confuse your pup.

A schedule will help keep because your pup will understand what to expect. Set meal times, walks, and training exercises at the same time each day. Your dog will begin to anticipate these events, and it will help alleviate their stress.

Patience Is a Virtue

We’ve all heard this phrase before, and it rings true during puppy and dog training: not all dog breeds learn at the same pace. Some will catch on quicker, and some will need redirection after distractions. Remain consistent, use positive reinforcement, and practice patience, no matter your pet’s breed.

Begin Training With the Important Commands

One of the most vital training tips new dog owners should know is to start with important commands first. These are the tricks and commands your pup will remember the best. Teach them what “down,” “sit,” and “come” mean. These are all crucial instructions your dog should know. These commands can graduate into training your dog to heel, which provides more control and safety for you and your pup in public settings.

Preparing for a new dog is an exciting time for any family or individual. Following the above advice will help make the transition seamless.

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