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Top Toys from Frozen 2 Into the Unknown

Frozen 2 is about to hit cinemas and we can’t wait to see it. I’m sure there will be many Christmas lists with Frozen toys on them so we were really interested to try out a few from the Jakks Pacific range. We were gifted a couple of the toys to try out and see what we thought.

Disney Into the Unknown Frozen 2 Singing Elsa Doll

You can’t really go wrong with an Elsa doll for any Frozen fan this year. This one even sings so it is sure to be a bit hit. This toy was voted one of the Top 12 Toys for Christmas at the Dreams Toys Awards last week and that is no surprise as it has a range of different features that bring the doll to life.

The doll comes in a large box that will look great wrapped under the tree. Once you unwrap the doll, it is ready to go and comes with the 3 AA batteries needed to make it work. The face of the doll has lots of detail and is really pretty, with luminous large blue eyes and hair in the trademark side plait. I’m not sure how much it looks like Elsa, the hair isn’t white enough for example, and the features are more like Rapunzel.

The doll is a lovely size, at just under 40cm which is great for cuddling and for carrying around with you. This size doll becomes more like a friend for the children. When you press the gem on Elsa’s chest it will sing or play some phrases from the film. She sings “Into the Unknown” which is set to become the big hit from the film. She also says 14 different words and phrases from the film. The doll comes with an off switch, which is definitely essential for parents. You can also switch to the instrumental version of the song which really helps for volume control.

Elsa is wearing a glittery purple gown and shoes. This lights up with a brilliant diamond pattern when she sings.  We would have liked to be able to style the hair. Although you can take it out of the plait it doesn’t look like it would get messed up and you wouldn’t be able to put it back. You can brush the ends though.

We love the fact that Elsa can stand up and has posable arms. You can really make her look like she is singing. The Disney Into the Unknown Frozen 2 Singing Elsa Doll costs £34.99 which is a great price for a doll that has so many extras. I would definitely recommend this for any fans of the film.

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa’s Enchanted Feature Vanity Set

If you are looking for a larger gift then definitely consider the Enchanted Feature Vanity Set. This has a definite wow factor and would work well as the big present for any Frozen fan. This is a great present for children who love to dress up and doubles as a good place to store their accessories.

Once you take the set from the large box it is really easy to put together and the pieces simply slot in place. I like the fact it is just as easy to disassemble. I’ve always swapped the children’s toys around every few months so they don’t get bored with them and this one is really easy to fold up and put away. The vanity set is made from strong plastic in a pretty pale blue. Some of the plastic is transparent to give it the appearance of being made from ice.

When you open the doors of the vanity set it plays songs from the movie. You can also see the castle, and other images from the movie light up in the mirror, which is really clever and seems magical. The set needs 3 AA batteries to work, which are sadly not included. It is this magic mirror effect which makes the vanity set stand out as something really special.

The set also comes with some pretty frozen themed accessories. There are a brush and comb, as well as a tiara and matching hair clips. There is space for each on the stand, although in some ways I would prefer to just have the top plain as my daughters are bound to lose the accessories straight away and also they would want to add their own things. There is a drawer at the front, which is great for storing all your accessories.

The Frozen 2 Elsa’s Feature Vanity costs £59.99 and would make a lovely addition to a bedroom. The vanity set is suitable for children over 3 due to the small parts.

Disclaimer: The toys were gifted for the purposes of this review. 

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