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Top features of an urban bathroom

Space, space and more space – or a lack of it! This is the underlying theme in any urban environment these days. It’s logical that the more people there are in a particular city, space will be at a premium.

How to deal with a shortage of space is a huge challenge for city dwellers as they try to combine tiny residences with functionality and style.

The good news is that small really is beautiful – especially when it comes to the features which make an urban bathroom work.

Lighting it up

Most city bathrooms are windowless, which affects the quality of light inside. Often overlooked in the bathroom, lighting is essential in order to make the most of a small space.

There is no law which says that the bathroom should have one overhead light but if you can’t get around this, try a daylight simulation bulb and a lamp shade which enhances the light it produces.

If you can manage it, alternatively, you can set up multiple light sources so you can have control over softening lighting.

Best shower

Chances are that if you are in an urban environment, you have a shower rather than a bath in order to save space. It is important use the best materials possible for your shower so that it will last and maintain an elegant look.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.56.30

shower tray from Mira Showers is guaranteed to be reliable and durable as well as stylish.

It’s hardly surprising that they are a cut above other shower trays.

Mira Showers has developed expertise in bathrooms fixtures, fittings, design and technology over the near century it has been in business.

Mirror magic

Mirrors are excellent at creating the illusion of increased space. In order to create the impression of doubling the size of your bathroom you could opt for one wall of mirroring rather than just isolating it to a spot over the sink.

It will be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Tight spaces

Long gone are the days when the bathroom was home to a bar of soap, a toothbrush and a medicine cabinet. Now you need space for an array of beauty products for him and her, cleaning items and bathroom essentials.

There are plenty of creative ways of using every inch of space available for storage. What potential is there for storage hung on the walls? Or how about the area around the sink?

On the plus side, the challenges of storage places means that you can get rid of any excess items that truly don’t belong in your bathroom any longer and just hold on to the quality essentials.

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