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Top 10 Home Decor Tips You Need To Know

It could be a new guest, a new season or a celebration at home; sometimes, you just need to change the outlook of your home. In seasons like that, spending a lot of cash might not be your plan.

This is why you need to have some home décor tips at your finger. They come handy in unexpected moments. There are 10 of those tips in this article.


Top 10 Home Decor Tips You Should Have At Your Fingertips

Have a new theme in mind

While changing your home’s décor, it is best that you have a theme in mind because changing your home will make a huge difference in the home and you don’t want to find yourself regretting your choices. The theme you choose will determine the colors you would use and also influence every purchase you make, so ensure you choose one real quick.

Change the color of the wall

This is a quick hack that turns out to be very useful if you are looking to change a room’s look in a very short time. You could change the color of a place by painting a particular portion of the room in a way that matches the rest of the room. You could also entirely re-paint the room or simply use wallpapers with great colors.

Whatever your choice is, in the end, changing the color of the wall is a cheap way to make a place look different. Therefore, in your selection, ensure you pick a color that suits your specific purpose per time.


Personalize your abode

This is a smart hack that gradually transforms the way your space looks. Make things by yourself and hang them around. You can always pick up new artistic stuff when you travel to a new place. It could be as simple as a nice-looking seashell. The things you make or pick do not have to be perfect, but once you place those objects in your space, it gives it a unique look and feel that says “this space belongs to tom” or “this is Angela’s house” because those objects bring back memories and cannot be found elsewhere.  


Buy new furniture is not your only bet when it comes to changing the order of the décor in your house. Instead of buying furniture, try accessorizing, using throw pillows, paintings and nice artistic pieces. This is far cheaper, easier and of course, a quicker fix than changing your entire furniture. Just as you can change your look by using different accessories with a particular dress, the same applies to your furniture and your home’s look. However, when you come to your room, you might want to change some things as it is usually a matter of comfort. For instance, you might want to change your mattress. In this case, you will find Sleepdelivered leesa vs tuft and Needle mattress comparison to be very helpful.

Take away anything that makes your space look rough

The things that make some rooms less beautiful than they should be are not far fetched. Electrical wires, for instance, can be very annoying. They have a way of making your place look rough and out of order. Hide electronics and electrical wires that don’t make your house look great (if you’re trying to change your house’s look for a particular occasion).

Use lamps

Lighting has a way of determining the outlook and the ambiance of a room. Ditch overhead lighting on some evenings when you have guests. Use table lamps and floor lamps instead. They sure get everyone all warm and cozy.

Use paper wreaths

You don’t have to limit the use of wreaths to holidays or Christmas. Wreaths will change the outlook of your home too. You can also choose to use a variety of paper wreaths. Adding great color pops that match your home’s theme and placing a wreath on your center table are also quick hacks.

Add some greens

This generation is big on going green and it can be inculcated into decorating your home too. Things as simple as a pot of greens or paper plants would make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home.

Make your entryway attractive

Your front porch can be better. It is the first place your guests come in contact with. Use great flowers, greens, a unique doormat or even wreaths to make it look beautiful

Change the look of your fireplace

Especially in summer, when you do not need fire, your fireplace can be reduced to nothing but a dark hole. Making it look attractive and more appealing by adding candles around it or using a great fireplace cover will add more details to your home’s look.



A home with a great décor is created from a combination of little efforts at making it beautiful. Make efforts!

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