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Toddler Art: Obliteration Room

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 Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room

The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama
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Ever since I saw the Youtube video below showing the Obliteration Room of Kusama I knew it was something I wanted to do with the girls. There is something amazing about a work of art which so many people and even children have helped to create. I love watching the video and seeing how the art grows from a completely white room to a riot of colour. How amazing to have taken part in that.

I would have loved to have given the girls completely free reign of a room to cover with stickers but unfortunately that isn’t always possible. Instead I used a large roll of paper and put it along one wall in the dining room. Then I just left a few packs of different sized sticker next to it and left the children to explore their own patterns and make their own picture.

Toddler art can be so unpredictable – you never know if they will want to do it for hours or will get bored in 5 minutes. This was one project both twins loved. Even Molly enjoyed taking part – she was more concerned with actually making the dots look like something – a face or a plane. The twins just made patterns.

Toddler art

The beauty of this is that there is virtually no mess. The twins were really good about only putting the stickers on the paper and there were none on the wall – I’m pretty surprised about that to be honest, normally they take any opportunity to mess up the house.

Toddler art

The other brilliant thing is that this is completely child led. I do find it hard not to direct them but this was a project which they completed over a couple of weeks.

Toddler art

Whenever I was busy in the kitchen I would remind them of the stickers and they were away. I love the end result – it is so bright and cheerful.

Toddler art idea based on The Obliteration Room

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