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Tiptoe the Magic Ballet Pony

Tiptoe the Magic Ballet Pony

Princess Evie’s Ponies – Sprinkles the Magic Cupcake Pony

by Sarah Kilbride illustrated by Sophie Tilley

Horses and ballet – two favourite things from a little girls childhood. Sarah Kilbride knows how to capture a child’s interests in these pretty books, full of sparkles and magic. This is the tenth book in the series, which proves how popular these books are. In this one, Princess Evie travels on the back of Tiptoe the Magic Ballet Pony to a beautiful theatre. But will she conquer her nerves to perform in the ballet?

Tiptoe the Magic Ballet Pony

This is a lovely book for a child about to do a ballet performance as it explores their fears and is really encouraging. It comes with a little pony pop up at the back. You can collect one with each book and they are lovely for acting out the adventures from the book. This is a lovely way to bring the book to life.

Disclaimer: We were sent the book for the purposes of this review. 

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