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Tips on How To Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Tips on How To Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching your child sleep peacefully. You’ve tuckered them out, and they’ve tuckered you out, too. However, sometimes when you finally close your eyes, your brain is still running. A wired brain can make it feel almost impossible to fall asleep. Even with your busy schedule, there are a few tips on how to fall asleep and stay asleep that anyone can follow.

Create a Routine

Your circadian rhythm helps keep your sleep cycle on track; it tells us when to wake up and when to fall asleep. However, it can quickly get out of whack, especially if you’re up at odd hours of the night. There are plenty of activities you can do during the day to mitigate stress, but keeping a routine to help get back into that rhythm can feel nearly impossible.

Have you ever noticed how the smell of coffee can wake you up in the morning? Or have you ever just looked at a bed and felt tired? That’s called a Pavlovian response! Some unrelated stimuli can give you an automatic response based on past events.

The key is consistency; every night before you sleep, use a particular scented cream, drink a calming tea, or listen to a soothing song. Over time, you’ll notice that just the smell, sound, or taste will trigger a whole-body response. Your brain will make the connection and tell your body that this stimulus means bedtime!

Sleep Environment

Your sleeping environment can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep. All stressors and work should remain outside of the bedroom. Remember that a Pavlovian response can be a bad thing as well. Too much chaos in your bedroom can affect how your brain perceives the space.

There are several different ways to create an environment more conducive to sleep. Even if you aren’t necessarily paying attention, the brain is always watching. It’s a fantastic sponge that takes everything in! Your sleep space should be your ideal cozy spot; don’t be afraid to cater it to yourself!


As mentioned before, your brain is always watching and listening, even when you aren’t. This means that what we think and say to ourselves can genuinely have an impact. Whether in passing or merely joking, our self-talk defines us more than we realize.

When you close your eyes at night, what crosses your mind? Do you think of your mistakes? Are you letting your mind wander or trying to control each passing thought? People’s biggest mistake when they meditate is trying to control too much. Let your mind wander and accept the thoughts as they come as just thoughts and not facts or problems.

Your brain can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Hopefully, these few tips on how to fall asleep and stay asleep get you back into the right rhythm and help give you the energy to keep being that amazing parent!

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