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Tips for Helping Your Kids Maintain a Healthy Routine

Tips for Helping Your Kids Maintain a Healthy Routine

We all need healthy routines to help us manage our days. Establishing and maintaining a healthy schedule is especially important for children since it helps make their days more predictable. While school and extracurriculars will help your children create a routine during the day, it’s important that they also have one when they’re at home. Learn how to help them get ready for back to school with these tips for helping your kids maintain a healthy routine.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Hectic school days can tempt us to skip breakfast or eat while rushing out the door. But taking the time to sit down and eat breakfast, ideally as a family, will help your child start the day with the energy they need to focus during school.

As their caregiver, you need to model the importance of breakfast for them. Even if you eat before they get up or after they leave, make sure to communicate the importance of breakfast and what you plan on eating.

Prioritize Physical Activity

Your child has sat in a classroom all day, and although their school routine includes recess and a physical education class, you need to prioritize physical activity at home, too. Physical activity is an important part of a daily routine and will help your children keep their minds and bodies healthy. Adults can also thrive from physical activity, so try to find activities that you can do together.

This could be a family game of basketball after completing homework, taking a walk around the neighborhood after dinner, or playing in the backyard with the dog before bed. The physical activity of choice doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s an important part of your routine.

Limit Screen Time

Screens are becoming a big part of our kids’ lives, both at school and at home. While your children, especially as they get older, will need to use computers and smart devices to complete homework in the evening, you should limit screen time when you can. Gaming and video calling with friends are great social activities, but you kids should leave those for the weekend.

Instead, encourage them to finish their homework and do the physical activities we mentioned above. If you still have time in your evening, encourage your child to develop an engaging skill or hobby that doesn’t involve screens, such as painting or cooking. Use your free time similarly to set a good example.

As you and your children work to establish a healthy routine as school starts back this fall, there are some ways you can help them maintain that routine. Do your best to set an example of what a healthy routine looks like by eating breakfast every day, prioritizing physical activity, and limiting screen time. Use these activities to spend time together as a family and watch your children flourish.

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