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Personalised School Labels from Tinyme

Tinyme labels

Personalised Labels For School

The twins start school in September and am already worrying about getting three lots of uniform ready every day. Getting everything labelled and ready is going to be a bit task and so I wanted something to make it a bit easier. Tinyme is an Australian company which has branched out to the UK and offers all kinds of personalised products, including funky personalised school labels. For the perfect Christmas gift check out our reviews of the best personalised calendars.

Personalised School Labels for twin girls
Personalised school labels are what’s needed to keep everyone organised!

I reviewed the personalised wall stickers from Tinyme in October 2011 and loved the designs in the range. The colours are very appealing and the logos are cute. I thought these would be good for the twins. There is a lot of choice on the website you can buy in different size personalised school labels packs with everything you need to get ready for school.

Tinyme Personalised School Labels
Tinyme’s website is very easy to use

Online Design Software To Preview The Personalised Labels

The best thing when choosing the stickers is the live preview which means you can see what it will look like with your child’s name. I love how the preview shows the stickers as if they are on a product – it makes it easy to choose which looks the best.

The personalised school labels looking great on the girls' school equipment
The personalised school labels looking great on the girls’ school equipment

Personalised School Shoe Labels

The labels are really bold colours so show up well. This is good for younger children as it will make it easier for them to spot their clothes. The shoe labels are really good. There is a clear sticker which goes over the top to make them even more secure.

Tinyme school show labels
Tinyme school show labels

Personalised Clothing Labels

The iron on labels are really quick and easy to use. They have only been through one wash so far and they looked great. I will let you know how they perform after a few weeks of washes. The best part of the labels is that you don’t have to sew them in which makes it easy to prepare.

Tinyme labels stick well to clothing
Tinyme labels stick well to clothing

The clothes labels are very big. This is good for children finding their clothes easily as the labels are so easy to see. I found them a bit big for going on the clothes tag, though, which is where I prefer to put labels. A thinner label in the pack would be good.

A pack of Tinyme personalised labels
A pack of Tinyme personalised labels

I was sent one pack of labels for the review and ordered another so both twins had some. In a value pack you get everything you need:

Personalised School Labels Value Pack

  • 32 Standard Vinyl Name Labels
  • 14 Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 4 Large Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 8 Large Vinyl Name Labels
  • 16 Iron-on Clothing Labels
  • 14 Iron-on Round Clothing Labels
  • 10 Clear shoe dot overlays
A pack of Tinyme personalised labels from the value pack
A pack of Tinyme personalised labels from the value pack

At around £25 these labels provide good value for money, look stylish and will make the clothes stand out meaning they won’t get lost so easily.

Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of labels for the purposes of this review. 

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