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Unique Storage Ideas For The Home

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Many homeowners say that their biggest problem with interior design is finding the space to store everything away. When you’re thinking of storing your belongings away, what are the first things that come to mind? Probably the usual boxes, baskets and shelving units… although they’re pretty effective, they’re unlikely to inspire you to tidy up.

Well, how about using a little imagination to create some unique storage ideas? How about that wine rack you’ve allowed to gather dust in the cellar, or those antique tea cups stacked away in the loft? Just about any everyday item can be transformed into a handy storage vessel.


It’s hard to find places to store things in the kitchen. Whether it’s your herbs and spices, pots and pans, or sponges and cloths, they always seem to get in the way. Here are a few ways to keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy at all times.

If you’ve had fruit in a basket, don’t throw away the packaging, keep it and use it to store those cloths, sponges, scrubbers and so on for washing up. Do you have an old cigar or chocolate tin with a lid? Rinse it out and use it to keep those packets of seasoning and gravy tucked away.


There are usually loads of knick knacks on display in the bathroom, from packs of smellies that have built up over the years (even though you’ve reminded your family that you have enough) to your toothpaste and towels.

Keep your bath-time goodies, such as bubble bath, salts, oils and candles on display in a decorative way. Don’t overcrowd the edges of the bath, but utilise an old basket or wine rack to make them look like they’re meant to be there.


doll's house

It’s so easy for your bedroom to become something of a junk yard; you’ve got just about everything in there, from clothes to jewellery, make-up, hair stuff, books, DVDs and probably even your laundry. With a few nifty tips and tricks you can utilise unique bedroom storage ideas to get organised.

Those little things that are usually sprawled across the dresser can be tucked away inside a drawer. It can get a bit annoying trying to find your favourite earrings amongst all those things, so why not use a plastic ice cube tray to organise your belongings?

There are so many ways to keep your home tidy and by creating unique storage ideas, you’ll be all the more inclined to pick up after yourself.

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