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Three small ways to stick to your budget 

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If you strive to save money whenever possible, you aren’t alone most of us do. It’s only natural that we should want to protect our earnings.  

From budgets to bargains, you’ll likely know the main ways to achieve financial security, but what about the small things? Are you aware that slight changes could help to reduce your outgoings dramatically 

To learn how to improve your finances in a few simple steps, take a look at our guide.   

Turn off electrical devices  

Electrical devices are a regular feature in most homes. In fact, they’re such a common item that many people forget to turn them off once they’ve finished using them. And, this is a mistake that tends to result in a higher monthly bill.  

Those that fall into this trap are, therefore, needlessly spending money. Though it may sound obvious, there is a solution: turn off all equipment when it’s not being used.  

To make sure that you remember to do this, why not set a reminder on your phone? These reminders can be installed to pop up at important times, such as when you’re about to leave the house or before you retire to bed.  

Embrace loyalty cards  

Would you like to sign up to our loyalty card scheme?  

Does this sound like a familiar question? Most shoppers who are asked this during a transaction might find it annoying, but it could really help to save money.  

You may be wary of passing on details like your name and date of birth; but so long as you’re giving them to a reputable retailer, you needn’t be as the likes of GDPR are there to protect us.   

Most reward cards are designed to live up to their title: they offer benefits to loyal customers in return for spending 

After having secured a certain number of points, you’ll be entitled to perks like discounts, exclusive offers and free products. Even better, some brands offer birthday goodies to card owners, which could all help to cut your regular outgoings.  

piggy bank

Buy in bulk  

Ah, the supermarket shop. Though it may not be the most exciting task, it’s a vital one. After all, food is a necessity.  

Its overall cost, however, can be high – especially if you’re buying for a large group. But there may be a way to feed everyone and stay within your budget.  

How about securing all those staples that you’ll need for the next week, fortnight or month in one trip? If you do, you won’t just avoid extra costs later on you’ll better able to claim the best supermarket deals by buying in bulk. As a result, you could massively lower the cost of your regular shop over time 

Everyone saves money differently some methods are better for certain people than others, and vice versa. But very often, small saving tips can benefit us all. Apply them to your spending plan, and you stand to handle your money even more effectively.  

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